The End of Winter Already?

It appears to be the end of winter.  Since February 15th, nine days ago, there have been two nights with temperatures below freezing.  My bees have been out and about every day this week and most of last week, looking for and finding pollen.  There are some small, purple wildflowers starting to bloom already. All the trees that I care about in my yard are already putting out new growth.

I am trying to start a garden this year.  I moved into a new house with enough land that if I really wanted and had the skill to, I could grown all the vegetables that I and my wife need to survive.  I highly doubt that I will get anywhere near there this year or even next year, but that is the direction I want to head.  Already, I have obtained seeds for some plants and managed to get a tray of tomato seeds started yesterday in my greenhouse.  I hope that they sprout soon.  I can hardly wait for things to start growing and getting whatever bounty I can.

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