Small Business and Working

For most of my life, the trend in America has been to move jobs away from our country, for companies to get larger and destroy small companies and generally try to kill small business.  Recently, I have been noticing a bit of a reversal.  It is not big enough to fix the past few decades, but small farms, workshops and the like are springing up all over the place.  I have wanted to dive in as well, but I am not brave or secure enough in myself to make the plunge…yet.

I have a few ideas on what I would do, none of them really revolutionary, but I don’t need to get huge and take over the world.  I would be content with making sure my wife and I have enough to survive, be comfortable and maybe travel a bit.  I don’t need or really even want great wealth and power over other people.

One of the major reasons I chose the property I currently live in is the 1.25 acres already have three mature, producing fruit trees, three mature, producing pecan trees, grape vines, a prepared garden plot, and a greenhouse.  Granted, the greenhouse needs work still, but I don’t mind putting in manual labor to get things fixed.  It is quite fufilling.  After spending all day sitting in front of a computer typing and thinking, it feels good to work with my hands and build something physical.


3 thoughts on “Small Business and Working

  1. One of my friends said yesterday that people had been offering huge sums (relatively speaking, I guess) for an allotment some friends of his have… as it’s become impossible to get an allotment here. There is a definitely a sea-change in the air, if it hasn’t happened already!

    • I know. I haven’t had any offers for allotments, but I am more thinking about trying to sell fresh and preserved food from my garden and fruit trees. That seems like a something with a very low barrier to entry.

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