First Flowers in My Yard

I now have two daffodils in bloom in one of the flower beds in my yard.  I can hardly wait for the remaining daffodil plants to bloom.  More signs that winter is basically over.  The trees are continuing their push towards budding.

A very nice Daffodil

I have started moving what will be compost in probably a few months off the garden patch and to a new location by the Full Metal Shed.  I had to clear out a bunch of pots and various other things including what appears to be a section of a railroad track that were left there by previous owners.  Anyways, the new location should be better for the compost as I can stack it higher, it should be out of view of the road (important for city ordinances about nuisances), it should retain water better, and should get extra water draining off the roof of the shed when it rains.

I still have a lot of leaves to relocate before I can start planting in the garden patch, but I have plenty of time as the seeds I have started in the greenhouse have yet to sprout, but I have had a few weed seeds sprout so far that I still need to remove.  All in all, I am very excited for things to start growing and look like I am making some progress in growing things.  I have been preparing since the middle of last summer for this, learning the things I feel I need to be sucessful at gardening, such as learning to compost and moving to a house that I have land to grow on.

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