Houston, We Have [Germination]

The first tomato sprout of 2012

Two days ago I had my first seed germinate.  This year, a tomato sprouted first.  Not that I have started vegetable seeds before.  I have tried some herbs before in an apartment, but never got very far (they died from lack of water).  Since the first plant sprouted, I have had another tomato plant sprout and a couple of cabbages sprout as well.

In reality, the first thing that sprouted this year were weed seeds.  I took my starting soil from the garden plot and sifted it to make sure the plant roots did not have to push thru hard clay lumps and will be able to go arround instead.  Because I did not cook my soil to kill the seeds, all the started pots are filled with little weed sprouts that I am removing manually.  It is a bit annoying, but I can deal with it. There are no additional weed seeds getting into the pots, so eventually all the seeds will sprout and be removed and no more will come.  At least I hope so.

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