First Hive Inspection of 2012

I had my brother-in-law over today and we opened the hives for the first time this year for an inspection.  We got the hives last year around May, just in time to miss the main nectar flow here.  This year, we have full, healthy hives and are expecting to get some honey.

One of the two hives, the one in a sky blue box, looks ready to explode.  It has 9 full frames of brood, all in the top brood box, and a very prolific queen.  The other hive in green had six frames of brood, but had much better food stores than blue.

We cleared off some of the burr comb and set it aside to do something with it later.  The brood boxes were swapped. We did this as bees tend to move upwards, but don’t move back down.  By swapping the two boxes, the queen will move upwards into what used to be the bottom box.  Each year the boxes will be swapped, so they are constantly moving upwards, but not needing additional space to do so.

The bees were a bit angry about us doing this, and a couple followed us arround for a while, even after we closed the hives I will keeping the feeders full for the next couple of weeks to help the hives build up for the spring nectar flow.  I am looking forward to a good season.


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