Putting the Supers Together

Partly constructed super frame

I spent some time today putting together super frames.  They arrived a  week or two ago, but I haven’t gotten around to starting to put the frames together until today.  The super boxes themselves were put together by my brother-in-law on Monday while I was still at work.

After putting a couple of frames together, I got a bit of a routine down:  1) grab top and bottom bars from one their box, 2) place top bar on the concrete, 3) put wood glue where the joint between the top and side bars will be, 4) put on side bars with eyelets facing outwards (this is point where the image above was taken), 5) put more wood glue where the side and bottom bar will join, 6) put on top bar, 7) put nails into bottom bar thru side bar closest to me, flip and do the other side, 8) flip the frame so the top bar is facing up and nail like the bottom bar, 9) place into super box and 10) start the next frame.

All told, I put together 20 frames in about an hour and a half.  I have at least 30 more to put together, as I am not sure if my brother-in-law put together a super’s worth of frames or not.  And none of the foundation has been put in yet because the supplier didn’t ship the wax foundation because of “temperature”.  So that will have to wait until the foundation arrives.

Handy note: if you need paint for bee boxes, check out the paint returns section of your local store; usually they have a few cans with marked down prices.  I managed to get mine for half off the regular price.


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