Progress on the Veggies

Since the first tomato sprouted this year, I’ve had several more plants sprout: tomatoes and other varieties.  Here’s some pictures:

Quite a few of the tomato seeds have sprouted

First up, here are the tomato sprouts.  There are currently a total of 21 plants growing.  I planted two seeds to a pot in an attempt to make sure that I got at least one tomato plant per pot.  In a week or two, I will be thinning out the plants so that only the strongest plant remains in each pot.

Also coming soon is hardening off the plants for outdoor planting.  I intend to do this after I’ve thinned things out and it warms up a bit more outside.  I’m willing to take a few chances with early planting, but I want the veggies to have a chance of surviving.  I doubt that they could survive outside of the greenhouse right now.

Cabbage sprouts are doing well.

Next up are the cabbages.  These were planted after the tomatoes were, so I am not surprised that not as many have sprouted. I’ve never grown plants from seed before so I’m learning what plants look like at an early stage.  For a while, I was not sure which plants in the pots were the cabbages and which were very large weeds.  A quick check on the internet resolved that issue and now only the cabbage sprouts and weeds that are still too small for me to grab remain in the pots.

I seem to be having a problem where the pots closest to the wall are not sprouting.  I suspect it is because the soil temperature is not a warm as those further inside the greenhouse and cool off quicker at night.

Here be giant zucchini sprouts.

Now, the largest sprouts I have are the zucchini.  These things a monsters compared to the other sprouts I have.  So far, only two plants have sprouted. Not much more to say about these.

I suspect that for several of the varieties that I am starting from seed, I am going to need to do a least a second batch of seeds, if not  third and fourth batches.  Part of this will be because not all seeds sprout, but the rest will likely be because of my skill, or the lack thereof.

Some Alaskan peas are sprouting

Last, but not least, the Alaskan peas I started this last week are sprouting. Nice to see another plant sprouting.

Unfortunately, not all of the plants I have started have sprouted.  I planted seeds for bell pepper within a few days of when I started the tomatoes, but I haven’t had a single bell pepper sprout.  Or if I have, the sprout resembled the weeds I am getting closely enough that I accidentally removed it.

Also missing are the yellow onions.  However, the seeds I am trying for those were left over from last year’s planting by my home’s previous owner, so the seeds themselves are a bit suspect.

3 thoughts on “Progress on the Veggies

  1. You’ve been more ambitious than we have been! We have tomatoes sprouting, basil and looking for the bee balm to sprout (very slow germination). It’s always a bit of a miracle when you see a little life in the pots!

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