May I Have a Volunteer

A very small, volunteer cabbage.

I was finishing up moving my compost pile off my garden plot today when I discovered what appeared to be a weed growing in the middle of my garden.  As I went to pull it, I realized it looked suspiciously like the cabbage that was growing there when I moved in three months ago.  I am not sure yet if I will be leaving it to grow where it currently is or if I will transplant it to another location to allow for crop rotation.

I have completely finished moving my compost pile next to the Full Metal Shed.  Now that the grass and weeds are growing, I have started adding clippings to the pile.  This has resulted in a very noticeable increase in the pile’s temperature.  In spots, it is so warm that it feels hot to the tough even thru gloves.  I don’t have a compost thermometer, but I suspect it is well over 100°F.

The green hive is doing well

My hives are still doing wonderful.  I’ve been keeping feeders on both hives and they are going thru feed like crazy.  The jar in the picture was full two days ago, which puts it about 7 oz of feed a day.

In the greenhouse, more peas are starting to emerge from the soil, but it looks pretty much like it did a couple of days ago.  I am planning on starting another batch zucchini seeds sometime this week, as there are still only two plants sprouted.  Those two plants have gotten so large, I’ve had to remove the covers as they are touching.

1 thought on “May I Have a Volunteer

  1. We get those funny little volunteers as well – zukes and melons mostly, but often basil and tomatoes. We let some of the melons go once, and they turned out to be the best we’d gotten that year. All that luscious compost!

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