Bees Hanging out on the Porch

I think I'll hang out on the porch for a while...

Yesterday evening, I managed to catch a bunch of my bees hanging out on the front porch of their hive after sundown.  They had run out of feed and I was refilling it while they were all hunkered down for the night and not out where they could sting me when I took this picture.

Besides the bees, my apple tree has finally decided to move towards blooming.  The flower buds are starting to get green and grow, but are still small enough that I can’t get a decent photo of them with my phone.  Also, the peas are making quite good progress.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of seedlings die. I think it is damping off because the soil has been damp for quite some time.


4 thoughts on “Bees Hanging out on the Porch

  1. Looks like they might know where the sugar shack is… I’m hearing that bees nowadays are more resistant to varroa and tracheal mites than they were a decade or so back. I hope so. l lost a hive or two that I inherited from my dad a decade or so back and got discouraged. Just now getting back into it. Nice pic!

    • Yeah, I think I’m getting decent nectar flow right now. There are a ton of bradford pears that just finished blooming in my area, along with a lot of flowering weeds. I think around here, the major netar flow is from april-may, which ended just as I got my hives last year.

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