Finally, Its Not Raining

Over the past three days, it has been raining on and off.  So much so, in fact, that I haven’t been able to get hardly anything done outside.  What I have done is rather meager.

Maybe bamboo?

I have obtained seeds for mint, a bag of pinto beans and some onion sets.  The onion seeds I tried to start never did.  I managed to get the sets planted before the rain and it appears that the first bulb is starting to push up from the soil.  Also, I may have some bamboo growing in my garden plot.  I frist thought that they were red onions after looking online at sprouts, but after digging one up, I found not a bulb, but something that looks like a stick.

Things I have done nothing with appear to have made the most progress in the past few days.  The apple tree is on the verge of blooming, some other tree I’m not exactly sure of its identity is starting its bloom,and both the grape vines and the pecan trees are putting on leaves.

Grape vines have a few leaves already

This saturday, I’m planning on doing the second hive inspection of the year and hopefully the hive is far enough along that I will be able to put on a super.  The hives have been very active when they weren’t hiding from the rain.

I’ve also discovered three pots of herbs by my back porch, of which I have identified two: thyme and rosemary.  Unfortunately most of the thyme plant looks dead. The rosemary is doing amazing.  I’m not too worried about the thyme because I am trying to start several new plants in my greenhouse.  I’ve put seeds in 24 pots and if I get only a fraction of that germinating, it should leave me with plenty of thyme.

Nice looking rosemary along with mystery herb

Hopefully things stay dry for a bit so that I can get my hive inspection done on Saturday and possibly get a few other things done outside. The forecast has this weekend looking rain-free, but that can change at a moments notice. I also want the sun to be out to help the plants along so that I can start hardening off the plants for transplant.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Its Not Raining

  1. Definitely need to dry out a bit now! Though we do need the rain since last year was so dry.. My husband is going stir crazy from being inside. I like your pine cone banner!

    • Stir crazy indeed. We do need the rain, but I would like it to last only a day at a time happen about once a week instead of no rain for a couple weeks and then all that rain in three days.

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