Another Swarm

The first box I put the swarm in after I got it out of the tree.

Today, as soon as the sun came out, I had a swarm in my peach tree.  I am certain the bees swarmed today as I was out working in the yard an hour earlier, and they were not in the tree then.

I am fairly certain that the swarm came from second of my two hives.  I’ve added another super onto that hive in cause that is not the case, but I doubt that it didn’t swarm.  I won’t be certain until I do a full hive inspection that will have to wait until my brother-in-law can come to help with lifting the hive bodies.  When they are full and have propolis all over them, they are too heavy for me to lift alone.

The temporary hive I setup made from supers and some boards I had in one of the sheds.

The good news is that this time, it appears the bees are staying in the temporary hive I set up.  I won’t declare it completely captured until it hangs arround for a week or so.  The other swarm I’ve seen this summer promptly left the hive I set up.  In that case, I have no idea how long they had been in the tree and they were likely close to deciding on a new home when I tried to capture it.

So it is very likely that both of the hives on my property swarmed this year.  I home that they requeen soon enough to get a decent honey surplus.  If not, I would just be happy to have all the hives survive the requeen and the winter this year.  I know it is still a long ways off, but if I am not mindful now, it could fail later.

Hindsight being 20:20, I should have added another super sooner.  That would have probably kept the hive from swarming, assuming that it did indeed swarm.  Being very new at this, I am not surprised that I had something like this happen.  The other thing I have worried would happen is to have the hives die on me.  I will learn from this and hopefully only have this happen in the future when I want it to.

6 thoughts on “Another Swarm

  1. Good job containing them – hope they decide to stay! On a related note, it looks as if one of our hives is being robbed. Our bees are fairly petite and mostly brown. This afternoon we noticed bees nearly twice their size and mostly black hanging around the hive entrance. I think our hives are pretty strong so I hope they can fend them off!

    • Thanks for the congratulations. I hope you manage to get the robber bees under control. The only suggestion I can give is the same as the one David gave below: reduce the size of the hive entrance so that the bees can better defend their hive.

  2. By all accounts the hives shouldn’t have swarmed. Both Queens were less than one year old, we reversed the hive body and even checkerboarded your half of the hives. Really, if both hives swarmed this year, Fate had it against us.

    An Unrefined Vegan: If you are thinking there is robbing going on, throw some grass clippings on the entrance or put on the entrance reducer.

  3. You are certainly getting experience with swarms this year! We once had a swarm try to take up residence in our dryer vent. The advance scouts were all over it, but I interrupted them before the queen relocated. I finally spied the main body of the swarm high in a tall poplar. No safe way to get to it. The swarm vanished before anything could be done. Well, good luck!

    • Certainly. I will have lots of experience dealing with swarms at the rate things are going. I bet you are glad they didn’t make themselves at home in your home. I haven’t seen a hive that has done that…yet.

      Thankfully, the swarm seems to have settled into the new hive. Two days in and they are still there. They even seem to be active like a hive and not a swarm. I am feeling much better about the prospects of keeping this swarm that with the last one.

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