Yet Another Swarm!

More bees in the peach tree...

This evening, I found that yet another swarm has taken up residence in my peach tree. I had just finished mowing a section of the yard and was hauling the grass clippings to my compost pile, when I noticed the swarm in the tree.

I have done what I did with the previous two hives: cut the limbs of the tree they were hanging on to and stuck them in a cardboard box.  Unlike the other swarm I’ve managed to keep, this one won’t be able to go into a hive body for quite some time as I have no more hive parts to spare.  If this one sticks arround, I am not quite sure what to do with it.

Unlike the previous swarms, this one was quite a bit larger and more aggressive.  I ended up getting stung on the neck and having to kill several bees because they would just not leave.  I really hate to kill any bees at all, even when they are trying to sting me.  The bees that tried to sting me were at least half the normal bee size, which is a bit puzzling to me.  Scouts, perhaps?

This is the first year I have seen a swarm, and now I’ve seen and tried to capture three in about a month.  I hope I don’t get any more swarms this year as I have no place to put them or anybody I can give them away to.  That, and I don’t think my peach tree can take many more swarms.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Swarm!

    • Well, this is the last one I can try to keep. I am not allowed to have more than four hives total, by order of the wife. Besides, I don’t think I am ready for more than four hives anyway. Maybe in a few years I will be up to it, but not now.

    • The swarms are a bit ahead of my ability to aquire hive parts at the moment. Also, my wife has told me that I am not to have more than four hives. So this is the max.

      As I don’t drink alcohol, nor do I want to provide it to others for them to drink, I won’t be making any mead. If I do end up making mead, it will be to make ethanol fuel. I will be using honey for cooking and baking thing I can think of to stick it into.

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