First Harvest of the Year

My mother came down to my home Saturday to bring tools and help with some mechanical troubles the lawn mower was having.  Anyways, while giving her the grand tour of the place to show the progress the plants were making, she told me that the cherries were ripe and needed to be picked.  Soon.  So I spent the rest of the day picking cherries.

The bucket about a quarter full of cherries.

Picking the cherries took quite a bit longer that I thought it would.  I have a tendency to under-estimate how long things will take. It ended up taking about six hours to harvest all the cherries I could from the tree.  There were a few in the very top of the tree that I was unable to reach.  I had the exact same problem when I thinned the peach tree.  Both will have that section of the tree pruned off for next year.

Anyways, the process I used when picking the cherries was: remove as many cherries as I can hold in my hand before I started dropping cherries on the ground and then toss them into a bucket filled with water.  Having the water in the bucket served two purposes for me.  First, it kept the cherries moderately cool until I could get them inside for long-term storage.  Second, it allowed me to drop cherries from the top of a ladder into the bucket without having to climb down.  If I had not done that, it would likely have taken twice as long as it did.

Bagging cherries to freeze and testing dehydrating cherries.

All told, I harvested nearly enough cherries to fill a five gallon bucket.  I am not sure how much that is exactly as I don’t have a scale that I can use to weigh the haul.  After I finished harvesting, I put them all in the freezer so they don’t go bad before my wife and I can do something with them.  I am on a business trip until Thursday this week and will be unable to do anything useful on the homestead during that time.


4 thoughts on “First Harvest of the Year

    • It is some sort of tart cherry. My understanding is that these are generally used for pies and such and not eaten directly as they are very sour. More so when dehydrated. The sensation is sort of like getting punched in the mouth with sour. I have no idea on which variety it is because I got the tree with the house.

      • I also got a apple and peach tree with the house that I have the same lack of knowledge as to the variety. I suspect that the apple may be McIntosh based on what I have seen of the fruit the tree has put on so far and my most recent visit to the grocery store, but I have no clue on the peach. I may get lucky and find out.

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