Strawberry Propigation Experiment

Using plastic pots to catch the new strawberry plants for easier transplanting

About a week ago, the strongest of my strawberry plants started sending out runners.  Strawberry plants use these runners as a form of asexual reproduction, meaning the new plants are genetic clones of the parent.  I’m rather glad that this is happening as several of the starts I planted died almost immediately.

A couple of days ago, I had what I though was a bright idea: put some of the plastic starter pots I had lying around under where the runner is starting a new plant.  This way, the roots will grow into the pot and all I have to do to transplant it to a new location down the row is to cut the runner, lift the pot out of the ground and transplant the strawberry plant into the new hole.

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Propigation Experiment

    • One plant with a ton of roots. Another of my strawberry plants has sent out a runner that I need to put a pot down for, in addition to two additional runners on the first plant. My mother is also picking up more strawberry plants from my grandparent’s that I will be planting in the garden when she gets back.

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