Wilted Garlic and Watering Bees

Wilted garlic that may be on its way to being ready to harvest.  Or it may just be dying

When I was checking the garden today, I noticed that the elephant garlic I planted looked wilted.  I know that I watered and fertilized the garden yesterday, so I don’t think it is wilting from lack of water.  I am slightly worried about adding too much fertilizer, but none of the other plants that I added the same fertilizer to look wilted.  What I hope has happened is that when garlic is ready to be harvested, the tops wilt and the leaves turn brown.  I hope this is the case so that I can harvest the cloves, break them apart and immediately replant to try to multiply the number of garlic plants I have for next year.  I want to work up to about one hundred cloves total.

Bees taking a drink at the watering hole.

Today has been rather hot.  Like any other animal, bees need water.  Unlike most mammals and like most insects, bees are not very good at swimming and will drown in large bodies of water.  Large for a bee anyways.  Anyway, the bees like to cluster on the algae growing on the water pump hoses.  The algae stays wet and the bees don’t drown and everybody is happy.

3 thoughts on “Wilted Garlic and Watering Bees

  1. Never thought about bees needing to drink water before!
    I understand that it is best not to add too much fertiliser to garlic but sounds more like yours are simply ready to harvest.

    • Well, I think that they were just needing water. After the rains I have had over the past week, they are looking less wilted. I don’t know much about growing garlic, so I will keep in mind not to over fertilize it. What I have recently read about elephant garlic in particular is that the first year, they form just a single bulb. I’m not sure that I really like that and I think I will be planting normal garlic this fall.

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