My First Zucchini!

My first zucchini. This is the heirloom “Black Beauty” variety.

This morning, I was out in the garden checking on things.  The tomatoes are still growing and at last count there was thirty-seven tomatoes visible without looking up into the withering flowers, but none of the tomatoes are turning red yet.  The big surprise today was that I finally have a zucchini growing.  I’ve been awaiting this for the past month or so, especially after the tomatoes and beans started coming in.  I have a few more zucchini other than the obvious one.  A little bit disconcerting was that one of the other zucchini plants was pretty much covered in small stink bugs.  I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes removing them from existence.  I am glad that I have yet to use any synthetic chemicals on my garden.  I can’t claim I haven’t used any chemicals at all, because even water is a “chemical”.  But I know I haven’t used any industrially manufactured chemicals.

Apricots in syrup before being placed in the hot water bath for canning.

I got a handful of apricots from my neighbor a couple of days ago and I was starting to worry that I would not be eating them before they went bad, so I canned them.  I definitely see an apricot tree in my future.  They were a dream to prepare for canning compared to the cherries.  Add to that the fact they taste pretty good, and it makes for a good fruit to can and eat.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had almost two inches of rain here.  I am very grateful for the rain.  Hopefully the rain continues to come regularly and keeps us out of drought this year.  It makes me happy to have full rain barrels and being able to skip manually watering the plants.


2 thoughts on “My First Zucchini!

  1. Getting the first fruit/vege off a plant is such a cool feeling! Can’t wait until I have a garden again and can grow my own fruit and veges too.

    Liking reading your blog! Can I ask, whereabouts are you based? Also I like the photos you have at the top of your blog – especially the one with the lanterns in the trees! Did you take these?

    • Indeed, the feeling is awesome. Now I just need to use the zucchini before it goes bad. It would be such a waste to not use it.

      I’m located in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I did not take any of the pictures at the top of the blog. These were the default theme that wordpress had setup when I started the blog. It looked good enough that I just left it as it is. I may change it in the future if I get the motivation to do so and the pictures I would need.

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