First Pinto Beans Harvested

The pods, beans and the bag of “seed” I used.  Organic pinto bean seed from Guthrie Whole Foods.  Wasn’t intended as seed by the store.

This has been a busy weekend.  I’ve had my first zucchini harvest, have pumpkins on the way, and now I have my first pinto beans harvested.  I only have a grand total of eleven beans harvested, but by the looks of things, I should be harvesting beans steadily from here on out.  A few of the beans are considerably larger than the seed I used, but I suspect that they will shrink as they dry out.  They still feel a bit squishy and waxy instead of being hard beans like the original seed I have.  Also, the beans are a bit lighter than the seed, but they may darken with time also.

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