The Zucchini Plants Are Dead

Squash borers eating the stalks of the zucchini plant. I just thought the wind had knocked over the plant.

I was planning on writing about the onions I dehydrated over the last two days.  I use dehydrated onions in many dishes, so I was very glad to have made grown some myself.  I even got part-way into writing the post.  But I couldn’t finish it.  All I got was a couple of sentences.  That is because I discovered that all my zucchini plants are dead or dying today because, in addition to the squash bugs that I am constantly killing, squash borers ate out the stocks and killed the entire plant.  So I killed all the grubs I could find and pulled up the plants.  So the two zucchini I harvested will be the last of this season.  This just reminds me of how much I still need to learn about growing food.

3 thoughts on “The Zucchini Plants Are Dead

  1. One year Peter Bleeping Rabbit ate half a cabbage in one night…I wanted to set rabbit traps I tell you…cooler heads prevailed. The next night he came back and instead of eating the other half, he ate another cabbage. I now have security lighting that goes on when he or his buddies come around. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m going to chalk this one up as a loss and see what I can do next year if I decide I want to grow zucchini again. I may not. It just depends on how I’m feeling. There are several other crops I would like to try, such as wheat and potatoes. I fear moles may eat the potatoes…so many pests here..

  2. Squash bugs leave their eggs in clusters under the leaves. You can use masking tape (roll it around on your hand with the sticky tape facing out as if you would be removing lint) and press the tape on the cluster (and any adults you find along the way). When you pull away, the cluster should be on the tape, you may tear a few holes in the leaves but they survive. We did this last year for two obscenely huge crook-neck squash plants (each over 40′ feet long with MANY vines) and the plant survived with our vigilance! Grow bush zucchini, it’ll make checking the leaves MUCH easier.

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