Completed Bee Box

Completed deep with ten frames.

I have finally completed building a deep hive body out of scrap 2x4s.  It ended up taking me a lot longer to get things put together than I would have liked, but that is mainly because the tools I have available for use are an hour and a half drive from where I live.

Because I wanted to be able to make the box entirely out of 2×4, that made it a bit difficult to make the sides of the box.  I ended up slicing the board into slats 3/16″ thick and then nailing several together along a nailer to close up the sides. I used these Hive Body plans I drew up to build the box.  As this is a prototype, I ended up making changes while building it. I ended up adding an extra strip on the along the ends because there was not enough room for the bees to move arround on top of the frames.

The first homemade frame I got put together.

The frames were as easy to put together as the frames I have ordered from Dadant previously. Building them was quite a bit more work. In particular, getting the slots on the top and bottom of the two side pieces took a while to find the right tools. I tried using a chisel at first, but that just destroyed the wood. Using a razor blade and carving the slot out works, but took a massive amount of time. I ended up using a reciprocating scroll saw of my mother’s to get all the slots done in a reasonable amount of time.

2 thoughts on “Completed Bee Box

    • What is the point in making custom hardware if the plans are not available for others to use? In this particular case, I should warn you that I’ve already found an issue with the design: there is a gap at the bottom on either end when placed on top normal Langstroth hive bodies. I indend on fixing this before building the next one and will post updated blueprints.

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