First Frost of the Year

Frost on the leaves of the bean plants.

Last night, we had the first frost of the year. I’m not too surprised, because the weather forecast had us under a frost advisory and the previous night got down to 41°F.  I’ll just have to wait to see if anything dies because of the frost.  I’m not  worried because it should be up in the fifty’s today and not get quite as cold tonight.

All the pinto beans I’ve grown this year. Not too bad for my first time gardening.

The bean harvest started and I did not report it.  So far, I’ve harvested about a pound and a half of pinto beans and there is still lots of bean pots on the plants that.  I should have a nice batch ready for picking when I get back from a business trip this week.

From everything I’ve read, it is about time for me to plant fall garlic.  The signs I’ve read about for the right time to plant is after the first frost and when the soil temperature at four inches is 50°F, both of which happened last night.  I need to look over the planting material once more before I put the garlic in the ground and hope for the best.  Worst case, I just end up planting spring garlic.