First Signs of Activity

Henbit is starting to emerge in my yard.

Henbit is starting to emerge in my yard.

The first plants of spring are starting to emerge now.  The first hint I had that this was starting to happen was the weeds in the rock beds surrounding the office I work at.  I suspect the soil directly around the building was warmer due to the heat leaking out of the building and it allowed the weeds to emerge a few days before they would have otherwise done.  Of these weeds, there was henbit and a few types of broad leaf weeds that somewhat resemble lettuce that never forms heads.  This got me on the lookout around my house for similar weeds.  Today I found that there was henbit emerging in my yard not a few steps away from where I had been raking leaves the entire week.  I intend to eventually rip this out of the ground once it has been flowering for a while.  The resources I have found on the internet label henbit as a nectar source for bees and I would like my hives to have it for an early nectar source because no other sources seem to be growing right now.  Once I rip it out, it will go into the compost pile to become fertilizer and soil amendment for next year.

One of several clumps of daffodils.

One of several clumps of daffodils.

While outside today, I also found that the daffodils in one of the flower beds in the front yard have begun to emerge.  Going by last year, by the end of this month, I’ll have lovely yellow flowers in my yard, which will be a good change from the barren winter landscape.

I have only recently started raking the leaves that fell last fall and adding them to the compost pile.  I probably have a several weeks of raking ahead of me as it took about a week to get a short stretch of leaves next to a fence raked.  I intend on getting most of the leaves into the compost pile so they are a source of nutrients and not a waste product that has to be disposed of.

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