Computer is Most Likely Dead

Guts of my dead computer

Guts of my dead computer

About three weeks ago when I got home from a business trip, I found that my desktop computer was not booting.  I quickly setup my small netbook to function as my main computer until I got around to troubleshooting the system.  Today, I finally got around to doing some troubleshooting and it looks like parts of the system may be functioning – most notably the 375W power supply – but the system is not booting.  This leads me to think the motherboard is not functioning anymore.  So I doubt that I will be getting any more use out of the desktop computer.

I’m not really upset about this happening.  I got the computer in 2005 a couple of years after I graduated from high school, so it has been going strong for seven to eight years.  When I have the time and money, I’ll be building a new computer from scratch that will run circles around the recently defunct computer.

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