It Has Been A While…

The current state of the garden.

It has been nearly a year since my last post.  A lot has happened, both in the garden and out.  Things got so busy last year that this blog ended up getting neglected.  Things had calmed down a several months ago, but by that time, it was the middle of winter and I haven’t written anything since.  I’ve realized that if I don’t spend the time, nothing gets written here.  Hopefully I can get this going again.

Late last year, I added mulch to most of my garden.  This primarily consists of dried grass clippings spread over the soil.  Adding the mulch cut the amount of watering the garden required by about two-thirds.  After rain or irrigation, the soil stays moist under the mulch for three or four days instead of one or two.  I don’t have as much of this mulch as I want on the garden, but until the grass starts growing again, I won’t have a source of grass clippings to use.

Late fall, I planted lettuce and turnips and put both under row covers. Over winter, both got hit with frost damage, but survived.  This spring, I have harvested the lettuce once already and it is ready for a second harvest.  The turnips are flowering and I plan on letting them go to seed so that I can save the seed for more turnips.  Turnips, like several other plants, are biennials, so I’m glad to be figuring out how to save seed from them without using up huge sections of the garden.

In the middle of winter, added two additional hugelberms in the garden, one on the upgrade edge of the garden, and one on the downgrade edge.  Other than adding more wood underground to improve the soil, it also was a way to dispose of two brush piles that had built up on my property.  I have since figured out a simple but labor intensive way of turning small diameter branches into wood mulch: cut into small pieces with a limb lopper.

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