Thinned the Radishes

The radishes I "thinned" out.

The radishes I “thinned” out.

Today, I noticed the radishes are crowding each other again, so I took this as an opportunity to thin them out.  However, at this point, it more resembles harvesting than thining: when thinning out the radishes, I picked the larger of the radishes to remove.  This left me with a pile of radishes that are fit for eating and cooking with.  Still working out what to do with them; any suggestions are very welcome. The sprouts for the next round of radishes have sprouted already, so I don’t see the stream of radishes stopping anytime soon.  Hopefully the carrots catch up and I have more carrots than I know what to do with to deal with.

The cherry tree is mostly dead.

The cherry tree is mostly dead.

During a windstorm over the winter, the cherry tree got hit very hard.  One half of the tree twisted and split into several parts along the length of the trunk.  I know that the entire tree is likely going to die in the next year or two, but I was hoping to have the severely damaged half to produce another harvest before I cut it off.  It is becoming very apparent that is not going to happen, so sometime this will, I am going to break out the chainsaw and cut off the bad part.

Largest of the next generation of cherry trees

Largest of the next generation of cherry trees

I do have several other cherry trees growing on the property, but only one of them is anywhere close to producing a full harvest.  This tree was already two feet tall when I moved onto the property three years ago.  It has flowered every year since I have been here with a few flowers.  I expect these trees will end up replacing the producing cherry tree in the next few years.  I may end up with a few years where I don’t get any cherries if the new trees are not producing in quantity in time.

3 thoughts on “Thinned the Radishes

  1. Radishes with cucumber and onion in yoghurt – got that from one of my daughter’s aunts in Pakistan. Your radishes look good anyway – such a reassuring crop to grow 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I have yet to find a yoghurt that I can stomach the taste of. The rest of that sounds quite good, however. It really is rewarding when I spend hours upon hours working in the garden and then finally start getting a harvest. It is a very good feeling.

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