Preserving The Cherries

Drying cherries completely makes them shelf stable. And incredibly sour.

I have started to preserve the cherries I have harvested so I can eat them during the rest of the year. I have been drying and canning cherries.  A gallon-sized bag has been run thru the dehydrator I got from my mother.  The first batch sort of work, but still had too much water in them, so they had the consistency of raisins. The second batch was right with a consistency closer to corn flakes.  The low water content makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow in it and hence it takes much longer for it to go bad. I may be drying some more cherries, but now that the canning stuff I had ordered has arrived, that is how most of the remaining cherries will be preserved.

Four jars of cherries. Would have looked better if they weren’t frozen for two weeks before being canned.

These cherries will eventually be turned into cherry pie, tarts or some other confection that I have yet to discover.  The cherries aren’t much to look at and definitely would not do well in a competition.  Not that I would even attempt to enter these.  These were all pitted by hand by squashing out the put thru the hole where the stem joined the fruit.  The result is a quite misshapen fruit.  Good thing the shape of cherries are not at all important to the taste of cherry pies.

Sweetened cherry syrup. Goes wonderfully on ice cream.

The other side effect of this method of pitting the cherries is that I get a lot of cherry juice.  Rather than just throw away this juice, I decided that I wanted to try making cherry syrup.  Add a bit of sugar, in this case white sugar as I haven’t had a honey harvest yet, and boil the sugar-juice mixture down until thick.  The resulting syrup is quite sweet and nowhere near as tart as the original cherries.