Preserving Onions By Dehydration

Onions, straight out of the garden.

This is the post I was intending on writing before I found out that pretty much every one of my zucchini plants was dead.

Three days ago, I needed decided it was time to thin out the onions so the remaining ones could grow large.  Because I didn’t have anything I could use them for immediately due to a fridge full of leftovers, I decided that I was going to preserve the onions.  There are probably other methods of doing so, but I use dried onion a lot and I have a dehydrator, so that is what I did.

Diced onions on the dehydrator.

After washing the dirt off the onions and removing the half-eaten ones, I diced them so that when they dry, the onion pieces would be conveniently shaped for cooking.  I ended up needing one of the trays that is supposed to be used for making fruit leather because the individual pieces kept falling thru the normal tray.

The completely dehydrated onions.

A word of warning to others that attempt this: dehydrating onions will make the entire house smell like onions for a few hours and some of that is the substance that makes your eyes sting.  The end result of the drying was nice onion flakes that I will use for cooking.  Onions dried like this will keep for a year or two on the shelf, but they get eaten a lot sooner than that.