Hive Inspection and a Swarmed Hive

I checked both of my hives yesterday and I am almost positive that the blue hive swarmed between now and last week. I was intending to check the supers added to the hives last week to see how they were coming along and if I needed to add another super to each hive.  The super on the green hive was coming along very nicely.  The super on the blue hive was barely touched.

Remember this? My hive did the same thing a few days later, though I only saw the aftermath.

The super on the green hive had almost all the frames drawn out, but not capped.  I expect the super will be filled out by the end of the week and I will be checking in the middle of the week to see if I can add another super.  I will be getting some honey for sure from the green hive this year, for which I am glad.

I opened up the blue hive and pulled and inspected all the frames in the top hive body. I found queen cells on the bottom of one of the frames.  I saw zero eggs on any of the frames and only a handful of larvae.  All the rest was either capped brood, pollen or honey.  Also, there were a lot of drones hanging out on the comb.

I will be attempting to let the hive requeen itself.  If that fails, I will end up ordering a new queen to save the hive.  In the absolute worst case, I will need to get a nucleus colony to restart the hive.  I doubt it will come down to the worst case.